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American Rabbits

Originally recognized in 1917 this heritage breed comes in the original color of blue and the later recognized white color. This breed is considered ‘threatened’ status by the Livestock Conservancy.  We raise this breed to help bring back a breed that almost went extinct.  We focus on proper type according to the breed standard and good growth so these rabbits can be used for show or for the backyard meat production.  We like this breeds because they are a hardy breed, docile in nature, produce large litters and are typically good mothers

Blanc de Hotot

Considered the rarest rabbit breed in the United States this French import is a show stopper with the white, frosty fur and distinctive black eye bands. Not to be confused with the Dwarf Hotot breed this breed will be 9-10 lbs at full size and is considered a meat breed.


One of the newest recognized rabbit breeds the Lionheads come in many colors. We focus on the Tortoise color and have a few Red Eye whites.  We are home to the 2016 Lionhead National Best of Breed Winner Aspenleaf Gusto.


We have one of the most common breeds used for 4H meat pens in Central Texas and most of our stock is raised for the Livestock shows and fair in the surrounding area.  We are proud that our customers have had top 10 finishes as well as Grand Champion winners in multiple counties.